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Apr. 1st, 2006 @ 02:36 am Mitch & Max - Chapter 0 - part 5
"Top or bottom?" asked Mitch, briskly.

While they'd staked a claim to other parts of the room, neither of the boys had wanted to claim a bunk on the rusty, metal bed. It felt almost too intimate to be declaring that kind of a space theirs. Also, what if the other wanted the spot he'd chosen? Both Mitch and Max wanted to allow the other boy free choice, though for totally different reasons.

Having asked the question, Mitch paused to let Max reply. Max laughed, observing that Mitch had him cornered.

"I guess I'll take the top" he answered, slowly, speeding up as the idea took hold. "I've never actually slept on a top bunk before. Heh, it'll be fun."

"OK", Mitch replied. "Wake me up if you change your mind."

Later that night, Max was lying on the bed next to Mitch. An evil gleam flashed into his eyes, and he rolled on top of Mitch, kissing him firmly on the mouth. Mitch groaned in pleasure. Max was a damn good kisser, knowing exactly what to do with his lips and his tongue. He could almost forget his inexperience and just learn from his new friend.

Max's hands wandered down Mitch's body, touching and teasing. One hand caressed Mitch's pectoral muscle and squeezed his nipple. The other was reaching down to his pants, which were feeling entirely too tight. Before Mitch could even think about what was happening, Max grinned, and asked "Do you want this as much as I do?".

Mitch gasped, "Oh gods, yes!". Then Max's hands were unbuttoning his fly, and Max's mouth was taking him in and sucking. Mitch thought he was going to faint. He closed his eyes, and as he did so, Max bit him. Hard.

The unexpected pain made Mitch scream. Eyes flying open, he yelled "What the hell are you doing?". Max's lips jerked up in a movement that no longer seemed friendly, showing sharp teeth stained red with blood. "I'm eating you", he declared. "Isn't that what you want?"

Mitch cried out, lunged to try to push Max off him, sat up... and struck his head on the upper bunk. The sudden impact woke him up. Gasping for breath, with tears running down his face, he rubbed the lump on his cranium and tried to work out what went wrong. He'd been having an erotic dream, and suddenly it turned into a nightmare, and he didn't know why.

There was a stirring from the top bunk. The real-life Max leaned over, and said, uncertainly, "Dude... are you ok?". Mitch mumbled a reply. His roommate seemed unconvinced. After a few moments, he asked "Do you want me to come down?".

"NO!" gasped Mitch - he was soaking wet with sweat and gods know what else. Heart thumping against his ribcage, he tried to calm his breathing. "I'm OK, really. Just a bit... surprised."

"What was that?" asked Max. "A nightmare, or something?"

"Or something" Mitch agreed, closing his eyes and lying back on the pillow, as he prayed for more peaceful sleep.

And thus passed Mitch and Max's first night together.

The end... of this chapter, anyway ;)
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