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Apr. 1st, 2006 @ 02:32 am Mitch & Max - Chapter 0 - part 4
Their moving in progressed. Done with his own bags, Mitch helped Max unpack. Max was bitterly regretting bringing the trunk from boarding school days, emblazoned with his initials and house emblem. He thought everyone at college would have one, but he was so obviously wrong. Though Mitch had few clothes, they were all interesting - decorated in some way, with fancy coloured stitching, buttons or graffiti. Max was only too aware of the fashion disasters lurking in the depths of his trunk. After a while, he stopped Mitch from going any further. "That's OK", he grinned, while thinking it was not okay at all. "I've got enough clothes out now for a couple of weeks."

"Uh, right." Mitch looked confused, then nodded. "So, what d'ya wanna do now?"

"Uh..." Max trailed off. "I really don't know. Uh, I dunno..." (He was trying to use the new lingo.)

"We could eat", explained Mitch. "They serve supper around now."

"OK!" said Max. "Let's do that!"

Mitch, having arrived a few hours earlier, already knew his way around the hall of residence. On the way to the dining hall, he showed Max the tv room, mini kitchen, and music practice rooms. Max was starting to feel less claustrophobic and socially challenged. Mitch's easygoing manner made it easier for him to relax. But when they got to the dining hall, he found himself walking into a sea of faces he didn't know, tables and tables of fellow students all engrossed in conversation. Panic-stricken, he wound right up again.

Mitch's hand tapped his back. "Dude. The food's that way." Max realised that he'd stopped, motionless, like a deer caught in headlights, and that he was holding up the traffic of people passing in and out of the hall. He accepted the direction gratefully, seeing the hot food trolleys, and picked up a tray. Mitch chose macaroni cheese, fried potatoes and baked beans. Max wondered if that was a cool supper, or just weird (pasta and potato together?). Indecisively, he chose the macaroni, but with a more usual green salad.

Max had no idea where he was supposed to sit. Every seat seemed to be taken. But it turned out that Mitch had an amazing knack for seeing spaces in a crowded room, and as he began weaving through the tables, he beckoned Max to follow. Eventually, the two of them were sitting together, almost at the end of the hall. Max was impressed, but had not the faintest idea how to express that without sounding even more clueless than he already felt. Fortunately, Mitch was grinning at him, and started a conversation about bands he liked.

Some hours later, the two of them were still sitting there talking. It seemed when Mitch was enthusiastic about something, he wanted everyone in the world to be enthusiastic about it too. Having discovered they liked some of the same electronic pop, Mitch had apparently listed every single artist he enjoyed and got Max to say if he'd heard them or not. Max was worried about answering incorrectly, but it seemed the only effect of his not having heard of a band was for Mitch to promise he'd lend him a tape. Right now, he thought he was up to 499 tapes, and wondered if he'd ever have time to fit in listening to them all. It also seemed that Mitch wanted to be friends with him, although he had no idea why.

Max yawned, suddenly. Startled, he looked at his watch. 11.30pm already? Hadn't they come down to dinner about 7? Wow. Probably time to call it a night. "Hey", he remarked. "We should go to bed now."

Mitch gave him the oddest look. Delight followed by... nothing, like a mask falling onto his features. Max was confused for about the eighty-seventh time. Meanwhile, Mitch's mental wheels were spinning frantically. Was this a proposition? Eh, no... of course not. He just meant bed, that place where you sleep. Oh.

Mitch fastened a bright, brittle smile onto his face and led the way back upstairs, so Max didn't see the disappointment he couldn't hide.

Part 5. Complete with gratuitous sex scene. Or is it?
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