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Jan. 16th, 2006 @ 02:18 am The Friends Family - Chapter 2 - pics 38-40


Then it's time for the birth. Max knows it by the agony in his belly and back, an urge to push - but push WHAT out of WHERE? Mitch is no use, he's gone into hysteria. Where's the hospital? Or the doula? Call an ambulance, or something. Why have I got to do this by myself?

Just when Max thinks he'll pass out or die from the pain, it's over. And he's holding a beautiful, breathing, green baby boy. He looks at Mitch, and the baby looks at both of them, and gurgles happily.

But then another pain hits... and another...

In the end, Max has to "give birth" 4 times. It's quads! Four beautiful baby boys... all crying at the top of their voices. One of them needs changing already (how did that happen?).

Mitch is standing there holding the stinky baby and staring into space. The noise doesn't stop, it intensifies.

The conclusion.
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