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Jan. 16th, 2006 @ 02:11 am The Friends Family - Chapter 2 - pics 34-36


Max gets out of bed. It's the morning after he was returned home. He spent the whole night curled round Mitch for reassurance; waking up 101 times and only falling asleep again because of the reassuring bulk of his friend. Though he's still afraid and tired, he's pleased to be alive.

Then suddenly after breakfast, there's an unfamiliar twist in his stomach, and he feels so nauseous he almost throws up. Then he actually is throwing up, worse than anything he remembers of food poisoning. Nothing seems to ease the pain. Mitch offers massages, backrubs, even woohoo, but Max doesn't want to be touched.

Before long, his washboard abs have disappeared. His growing belly is pressing up against his lungs, squashing them so he feels he can't breathe. No longer sick all the time but ravenously hungry, he's sitting uncomfortably at the table: eating, eating, eating...

The story continues...
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